REVIEW – What It Seems by Emily Bleeker

What It Seems is a nerve-wracking little book – this had my heart beating fast during a few points in the plot. Mother is terrifying. Tara sometimes makes decisions that make you want to yell at her (but you also understand why she does what she does and thinks what she thinks).

Tara is 20 and has basically been held captive by “Mother” for the past 12 years (under the guise of being a foster child). When she finds an opportunity to intern with her favorite YouTube family, she figures out a way to escape Mother’s grasp and attempt to start a new life.

She quickly learns that things aren’t always as they seem – the “perfect” family well…isn’t. (But I also didn’t think their issues were really THAT bad). The overall plot of this book is good. It meanders a bit and doesn’t quite deliver what I was expecting, but it’s a good, quick thriller read. I’m definitely interested in reading more of Bleeker’s books!

Content warning: sexual assault, abuse (especially severe abuse of a child).

Thank you Books Forward PR for sending me a copy of this book!