REVIEW – The First to Lie by Hank Phillippi Ryan

The First to Lie is a twisty thrill-ride of a book! We’re introduced to two primary characters, Nora and Ellie. One is a glamorous pharmacy rep with a hidden past, and the other is a reporter for a new news station in Boston who seems to be alone in the world. They both have their secrets and things quickly unfold through each chapter. Throw in a pushy, nosy neighbor turned coworker, quick and impactful flashback chapters and a corporate coverup that has an unending ripple effect, and you have a recipe for a thriller that’s sure to delight readers and keep them guessing.

There are twists here that I called early on, and some that I never saw coming. Ryan’s writing is easy and smooth, and her short, punchy chapters kept me turning the pages way past my bedtime!

Content warning: infertility/fertility treatments, forced miscarriage/abortion

Thank you Forge Reads and Get Red PR for sending me an advanced copy of The First to Lie!

REVIEW – The Retreat by Sherri Smith

A weekend wellness retreat with your best friends sounds great, right? In The Retreat, it’s an absolute nightmare

A cast of unlikable characters, a summer camp setting for adults. Yoga, spa treatments, murder…

I had the villain pegged from the beginning, but it didn’t make the process of reading this book any less enjoyable. It’s gory, it’s shocking and it’s disturbing in that fun, summer slasher movie sort of way.

Overall a solid summer thriller that makes me really not want to spend a weekend “relaxing” with strangers…

Thank you to the kind folks at Forge for providing me with an ARC of this book!