REVIEW – America’s First Female Serial Killer by Mary Kay McBrayer

“You had better wait and in a little while I will have another funeral for you.”

As an avid reader of true crime, I was very excited to receive a copy of America’s First Female Serial Killer in my September Night Worms box! Jane Toppan’s story is sad and disturbing. After feeling less than her entire life, she becomes an “Angel of Death” (for true crime newbies, that describes a medical professional who kills their patients).

This book is part nonfiction, part fictionalized(ish) narrative. McBrayer takes some liberties with Jane’s story, but tries to piece together a complete overview of her life. Some parts of this book are chilling (Jane’s confession is pretty horrific) but it’s not a keep-the-lights-on kind of book. I found some parts of this book more interesting than others, but I think it’s a great choice for anyone looking to read more true crime.

REVIEW – Standalone by Paul Michael Anderson

“What you want and what existence needs are sometimes two different things.”

I had so much fun reading Standalone! I would recommend going into this one as blind as possible – there are some fun little Easter eggs here that will delight horror movie fans. There’s a LOT of plot and action packed into such a short little book, but it makes for a fun, quick read. This is definitely more sci-fi than it is horror (at least in my humble opinion) but there’s definitely some creepy, gory imagery that will shock and delight readers.

It’s worth noting: there’s a bonus story at the end of this book that expands on what the reader learns while reading Standalone. Don’t skip it!