REVIEW – Verity by Colleen Hoover

WARNING: This review contains major spoilers!

Verity had me hooked from the first sentence. I tore through this in one day – although I will say it’s not incredibly long and it reads fast.

The main “twist” was predictable, but that also could be because I read a lot of thrillers. Or it could be that from basically the minute we meet Verity, we are led to wonder if it’s all an act. And how the hell did she fool countless doctors and nurses into thinking she was legitimately injured?

Ultimately, I’m left not knowing exactly what to think. That ending – wow. I honestly believe that the letter was written as a ploy to save her, vs her actually being a decent person…I just can’t imagine a sane person pretending to basically be disabled and practically brain dead for months. It doesn’t add up.

Verity’s voice reminded me a lot of Amy from Gone Girl, but multiplied by a thousand. Absolutely insane.

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