REVIEW – The Huntress by Kate Quinn

This is probably the best WWII-based piece of historical fiction I have ever read. The story jumps around a bit – we read from the perspective of three characters, jumping from the late 1930s to 1951.

Kate Quinn’s characters are unforgettable. I loved learned about the varying roles of women during the war, that didn’t include being wives/mothers or prisoners. I honestly didn’t know a thing about the Night Witches until picking up this book.

Nina’s story was the most interesting in my opinion, but I liked each character and never felt bored (and this is a longer book, more than 500 pages).

[slightly spoilery comments ahead]

Even knowing right from the start (or being 99% sure) that Anna was the Huntress, I still found myself liking her, feeling bad for her and appreciating the advice she gave to Jordan.

I also really appreciated the brief glimpses into post-war attitudes in both Europe and the US. My grandpa fought in WWII and I never got the chance to ask him about the war and ask about shifting back to civilian life once the war was over. I think I enjoy novels set in WWII because I was close with someone who lived through it.

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