REVIEW – The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

“Life will throw you major curveballs, but it’s rare you can do much more than duck.”

What an amazingly delightful book! The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is full of lovable characters, fun pop culture references and little bits of wisdom about life.

It’s cozy, it’s hilarious and it’s heartfelt. I’m so sad that Nina is fictional – we’d be great friends (I love to plan, I love to read, I love silence. I’m also full of useless facts.)

This is the perfect read for book lovers; you’ll likely find a kindred spirit in Nina.

“It didn’t matter what hit the fan; as long as there were unread books in the world, she would be fine. Being surrounded by books was the closest she’d ever gotten to feeling like the member of a gang.”

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