CONSTANT READER REVIEW – The Shining by Stephen King

“This inhuman place makes human monsters.”

Somehow The Shining is simultaneously a slow burning horror novel and a fast-paced thriller that spooks you from the beginning. There’s an overwhelming sense of dread that rapidly increases the closer you get to the book’s finale.

King is a master (but you already know that). The writing in this book is some of his most beautiful and vivid that I’ve read so far, while also making the reader feel isolated and claustrophobic.

I’ve spent some time in hotels that have been closed for the season, which likely made this that much more familiar – and that much more terrifying – for me to read.

“Your daddy…sometimes he does things he’s sorry for later. Sometimes he doesn’t think the way he should.”

Warning: Jack is an unlikable character. His descent into madness was easy to believe, simply because he seemed close to the edge to begin with. I felt a bit of sympathy for him during one brief moment towards the end, but overall it wasn’t a stretch to imagine him being so easily influenced by The Overlook.

I’ve only read a handful of King’s books, but this one has creeped me out the most!

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