CONSTANT READER REVIEW – Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

“There came a time when you realized that moving on was pointless. That you took yourself with you wherever you went.”

In a word, Doctor Sleep is great. It’s FUN (I mean, a lot of the subject matter and imagery is pretty horrific, but the reading experience is a thrill).

“The world wasn’t a Hospice with fresh air, the world was the Overlook Hotel, where the party never ended.”

If you’re looking to compare this to The Shining, I would say that Doctor Sleep has a faster pace with a less…explosive ending.

“We are the True Knot. What is tied may never be untied.”

Rose the Hat is a compelling villain who, somewhat unfortunately in my opinion, becomes more human as we progress through the book.

“Because the past is gone, even though it defines the present.”

The references to The Shining were frequent (but not so much that they dominated the story) and subtle at times – if you’ve read The Shining recently, don’t wait too long to pick up Doctor Sleep.

“Once a little boy lived here… A little boy waiting for his daddy to come home from his job interview at the Overlook Hotel.”

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