COZY MYSTERY REVIEW – Christmas Cocoa Murder

Christmas Cocoa Murder is a cute collection of hot cocoa-themed cozy mysteries. Christmas Cocoa Murder, Christmas Cocoa and a Corpse, and Death by Hot Cocoa each feature a mysterious death that somehow involves hot chocolate.

Christmas Cocoa Murder was fine – set in Ireland with an absurd cast of characters (typical for a cozy!) I loved our main character Siobhan’s family. This was the most fleshed out story of the three.

Christmas Cocoa and a Corpse was a good story, but a bit dark and sad for a cozy. The writing was good, and the overall mystery was interesting, but it wasn’t as lighthearted as I had expected.

Death by Hot Cocoa is the shortest of the three stories, but is unique because it takes place over the span of a few short hours. I loved the angle of our cast of characters being stuck in a Christmas escape room. The overall mystery was tough for the reader to solve, but a solid short Christmas-y story nonetheless.

Overall this is a decent collection of stories – great for readers looking for a quick, easy Christmas read.

Thank you Kensington Books for the ARC!

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