REVIEW – In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years is getting a LOT of hype right now, and I can see why. Dannie is a very organized, very detail-oriented lawyer in NYC. When she nails the most important interview of her career (and gets engaged the same day!) she ends up falling asleep and wakes with a jolt – five years into the future. She’s in an unfamiliar bed with a man she’s never met. There’s an engagement ring on her finger, and it’s not the one she just said “yes!” to. Back in the present, Dannie’s “vision” hangs over her head as she navigates her way through her new job and engagement.

Four and a half years later, Dannie meets the mystery man from her dream. Life unravels from there, and what follows is a heartbreaking love story (but not one that you’d expect).

This book gets heavy – FAST. I knew something sad was probably coming, but had no idea what. The main foundation of this story is a strong female friendship, and the romantic components take a backseat (as they should in this instance).

This is a tearjerker for many (although it didn’t make me cry – not many books make me cry…) and I can see it showing up on some “Best of…” lists at the end of the year.

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