REVIEW – Under A Gilded Moon by Joy Jordan-Lake

When Kerry MacGregor has no choice but to leave NYC and head home to the Blue Ridge Mountains to care for her dying father, she gets wrapped up in the world of high society, the completion of the Biltmore Estate and a murder mystery.

You can tell that Jordan-Lake has a great love for the Blue Ridge Mountains – some of my favorite parts of the book were the descriptions of the setting and scenery. I did feel that some of the characters and potential storylines weren’t explored enough, but that did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. The story is interesting, the setting is lovely and there are a lot of memorable characters (some delightful and others absolutely despicable).

There is a murder mystery in the background of this book, but this is very much historical fiction that covers a few months in the life of our main character – I would not classify the book as a “mystery” even though that is one major element.

Under A Gilded Moon was a nice little escape for a few days – I felt transported to the Blue Ridge Mountains and i’m definitely going to make it a point to visit the Biltmore someday.

Content warnings: racism, brief mentions of domestic violence, alcoholism, death of a parent, attempted assault, suicide

Thank you Get Red PR for the finished copy!

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