COZY MYSTERY REVIEW – Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon

“Murder’s messy. Attracts attention. Not the good kind. The kind that shines light into corners best left dark.”

In Murder in G Major we meet Gethsemane Brown, an accomplished classical musician who abandoned her life in the states for a job in Ireland. Unfortunately, that job has been pulled out from under her, and she finds herself stranded with no luggage and no money (and her ticket to Ireland was one way…)

“Definitely a ghost. Hallucinations would’ve had better manners.”

Luckily, she’s offered a stay at a cottage in a tiny village in the Irish countryside, and soon finds herself teaching at St. Brennan’s School for Boys. The orchestra has a big competition coming up and…they need help. A LOT of help. In the midst of all of these life changes, Gethsemane also comes to realize the cottage is inhabited by the ghost of a suspect in a long-ago murder-suicide case. He claims he’s innocent and wants Gethsemane’s help in clearing his name.

Murder in G Major is cleverly written, with a healthy dash of humor and a good amount of tense moments. Gethsemane is an incredibly likable character, and her interactions with the ghost in the book were some of my favorite passages to read. I’m definitely interested in continuing on with this series!

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