What I Read: August 8-14

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez: This was a pleasant surprise, and Daniel is easily one of the best male leads I’ve read in a romance so far. Highly recommend this for the cozy, small-town vibes and lovable cast of side characters.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry: This is receiving a lot of hype for a reason. I loved some parts and disliked others (if I have to read about a grown woman calling her sister “Sissy” dozens of times again, I’m throwing the book), but overall I really enjoyed my reading experience. My one major complaint is that there is a severe lack of Charlie, honestly. This isn’t as romance-y as you might expect and that’s a darn shame.

Xeni (Loose Ends #2) by Rebekah Weatherspoon: I love that Rebekah Weatherspoon writes mature, low-angst romance. Xeni is a great female lead and Mason is a sweetheart (a giant Scotsman with a heart of gold? Fantastic).

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