What I Read: Jan. 16-22

Off the Map (Beck Sisters #3) by Trish Doller: I was so excited for Eamon’s story and Off the Map didn’t disappoint! This was emotional and hilarious and sweet (it’s also the spiciest book of the series by far). Thank you St. Martin’s Press for the NetGalley ARC!

In Which Margo Halifax Earns Her Shocking Reputation (Halifax Hellions #1) by Alexandra Vasti: This was such a delightful historical novella! Henry is the sweetest male lead and Margo was a lot of fun. Some parts were a miss for me, but overall this is a worthwhile read. Matilda’s book is available as of today (!!) and the author has some full-length novels in the works for next year.

The Wolf Den (Wolf Den Trilogy #1) by Elodie Harper: This has been sitting on my shelf for a few months – I was excited to find a historical fiction read set in a completely different place (Pompeii!) and time period (the year is 74. For reference, Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79…) This was a really well-done story: the characters and setting were vivid, and although you don’t get to “explore” Pompeii much, it drives home the fact that our main character’s world is incredibly small. It started to lose me a bit in the middle, but the ending was INTENSE and included one of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve ever read (which also convinced me to read book two).

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