What I Read: Feb. 6-12

For Her Consideration by Amy Spalding: This was a fun romcom featuring two lovable leads and a cast of delightful side characters (Nina’s friend group is ADORABLE). Thank you Kensington for the ARC!

The Duke Gets Even (The Fifth Avenue Rebels #4) by Joanna Shupe: When Joanna Shupe gets it right, she NAILS it. The Duke Gets Even was such an enjoyable read – you can’t help but feel bad for Lockwood (he shows up in a few other books in the series before things finally fall into place for him!) Thank you Avon for the finished copy!

Built to Last by Erin Hahn: This was…fine. The setup was interesting and the characters were likable, but there was something about this that just didn’t fully click for me.

Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort: A gender-swapped, modern-day, rockstar-themed retelling of Phantom of the Opera (with a few liberties, of course). There were some laugh-out-loud moments in this book (the members of Nachmusik are QUITE the fun crew!) and I love how the author took the rockstar stereotype and added her own flair (Christof is more into spreadsheets and not so interested in trashing hotel rooms, thank you very much). Thank you Wunderkind PR for the finished copy!