COZY MYSTERY REVIEW – Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut by Sarah Graves

{Available February 25, 2020} Jake and Ellie are co-owners of The Chocolate Moose, a chocolate-themed bakery in Eastport, Maine. When a visiting celebrity food writer and TV star ends up dead in their cellar, it’s a race against time to solve the murder before Jake is arrested.

This was a fun little cozy. I loved the setting – the town was wonderful and I would love to visit The Chocolate Moose for some delicious baked goodies! The murder mystery kept me guessing for the majority of the book. Graves is great at twisting a story so you’re not quite sure who to suspect.

Compared to other cozies i’ve read in recent months, this one was FUNNY. I laughed out loud quite a few times and I really appreciated the humor woven throughout the story.

I did think the final conflict was a bit over-complicated and a little drawn out, but the overall book was still very enjoyable. I would love to pick up more books in this series!

Thank you Kensington Books for the free ARC.

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