REVIEW – Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

“If I had died today, what would my eulogy say?”

What a CUTE book! I am not a romance reader in the slightest, but the hype and reviews compelled me to choose this for a Book of the Month box. I am so glad I picked it up! Chloe Brown is a hilarious main character – she’s relatable and snarky and (mostly) self-aware.

I loved Chloe’s relationship with her sisters. Dani and Eve, although somewhat minimally featured, were great characters! I think Hibbert has plans to write books revolving around them, and I look forward to picking those up.

And Red. Oh, Red. What a sweet, loving man. The way he describes Chloe is so lovely – it’s warm and heartfelt. I loved what Hibbert did with Red’s back story. He felt like such an atypical main male character and it was a breath of fresh air.

“The promise of more with him glittered like broken glass, beautiful but potentially deadly. Good things usually hurt in the end.”

Chloe and Red’s relationship was portrayed as sweet and vulnerable. It felt so realistic. Not once during this book did I roll my eyes or go “oh, brother!” Hey, I said i’m not a romance reader! I’ve had bad luck in the past with cheesy, cliche stories that just don’t work for me (but are beloved by many others, so truly…if you feel it’s the genre for you, give romance a chance!)

Did this book turn me into a romance reader? Absolutely not. But it did make me a fan of Talia Hibbert! She is an incredible writer – I read some passages twice because I loved the writing so much. I liked this more than I thought I would and i’m willing to give similar books a fighting chance against my standard thriller/horror/mystery reads.

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